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We have the experience you need to make your hardware/software project a reality!

  • Origins

    Versalev Systems Engineering was founded by a team of electronics and software engineers from metro Detroit who have a passion for building extraordinary technology, and making it work together!

  • Background

    Our background in designing, building and integrating custom electronics and software systems has provided us with skills as diverse as electronics and software design, operating system customization and development, information technology and administration, and project management, just to name a few!

  • Versatility

    Having built and integrated multiple devices and enterprise infrastructure in the past, we are accustomed to the fact that every project uses different technologies to suit the enterprise. We are well-equipped to both quickly understand your specific project technologies and provide expertise customized to your needs!

  • With Us,


Working on an Embedded, Hardware, Software, Infrastructure, or Integration Project? We can help!
Design. Develop. Deploy. Maintain.

Technology Consultations

Working on an existing project, or a new idea, and would like another set of qualified eyes? We are happy to meet with you and provide advice and expertise!

  • Design and Process Reviews
  • Infrastructure and Security Audits
  • Compliance Audits and more!

Hardware/Software Development

Need help designing/implementing a new hardware or software project? We can work with you from the start to build the system the right way, the first time, and provide ongoing maintenance to adapt to your needs!

  • Hardware/Software Design Services
  • Embedded, desktop, and server applications
  • Hardware/Software Integration and more!


Looking to build a connected system that requires backend infrastructure that can scale to your needs and integrates well with your other systems? We can help you plan your infrastructure, facilitate getting it up and running, and help maintain it on an ongoing basis!

  • IT Infrastructure Planning and Scaling
  • Linux/Windows/*nix Setup and Customization
  • Development Tool Setup (Bug trackers, VCS, CI) and more!


Have an existing project or infrastructure that you would like to have maintained while letting your resources work on other things? We can provide extra resources for your legacy projects, so you can focus on building something new!

  • Bug Triage and Remediation
  • Content Updates and Management
  • Improve Test Coverage and more!

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